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Packing Tips

Packing Tips

I’m a pro at packing light.

How flying economy forced me to pack light. Space is limited and luggage can cost a lot!

Packing video:


  1. Check the weather. Don’t assume just because you’re going to Florida that it’'ll be sunny and hot. It could be rainy and breezy and then you’ll regret those tank tops.

  2. Pack for who you actually are. If you’ve never worn that sequin shirt before, you’re not going to wear it on vacation.

  3. Mix and match. This allows some freedom when packing and determining what to wear. Pick shirts, pants, and shoes that are interchangeable, that go with everything. Then depending on the weather, event, or the way you’re feeling, items can be switched in and out.

  4. Stop the “just in case”. Only pack one option. Pick and commit. In the end, you’re only going to wear one outfit at a time, so stop packing the “what if’s” and “just in case”. If you spill beer on your jeans, wash it, and wear something else instead of packing three pairs of jeans “just in case I spill something”.

  5. Save space for buying items on your trip. Leave space in your suitcase or pack an extra bag. Paying for extra luggage one way is cheaper than both. Also be cautious of weight.


  • SHIRTS = 1 per day.

  • PANTS = number of days divided by 2. (7 days = 3-4 bottoms).

  • SPECIAL OCCASION = Only bring one option.

  • OUTERWEAR = 1 - 2 options. (Wear one on the plane and pack the other).

  • UNDERWEAR = 1 per day.

  • SLEEPWEAR = 1 - 2 shirts, 1 bottoms.

  • SHOES = 2 - 3 pairs (You’re already wearing one pair).

  • TOILETRIES = Travel size only. Fit it into 1-2 small bags.

  • MAKE UP = Only one option for each item. (You do not need 6 shades of lipstick).

SECRET WEAPON - Plastic space saver zipper bags. No vacuum needed! Just sit and seal. Cuts space in half. Beware, although you have the extra space, does not mean you need to pack more. Plan ahead to have space for buying things on your trip!

Planning/Preparing for Trips

Planning/Preparing for Trips

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