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Travel Points

Travel Points

Capital One Venture travel card. My favorite travel card ever. Uses the VISA network so it’s accepted globally. I use my Venture card for 90% of all purchases and pay it off in full each month. Unlimited 2 miles for every purchase. When redeeming points, you can redeem from ANY airline and hotel. More details.

Discover It card. I use this only on purchases that will give me 5% cash back. (For 2018, Q1 was gas stations/wholesales clubs, Q2 is grocery stores, Q3 is restaurants, and Q4 is clubs). More details.

Delta Sky Miles credit card. I got this for the sign up bonus. With a friend’s referral code (ask me), I only had to spend $1,000 in the first 3 months instead of $3,000. Got 50,000 bonus points which covered my Dec 2018 Europe trip. Just had to pay $190 in fees that points wouldn’t cover and I still had 9,000 points left over for another trip! I only use this when my flight happens to be Delta. Otherwise I use my Capital One Venture. More details.

Here's how I rack up points:

  • Spending bonus for opening the card. (Ex. Spend $3K in first 3 months for 40,000 points, which is $400 or a cashback match).

  • Put ALL purchases, big and small on the card. It adds up fast. Here's my logic: Why spend cash when you can't get rewarded?

  • “I got it, just Venmo me.” Offer to pay for group bills and then have friends pay you back.

  • Use different credit cards to maximize rewards. (Ex. I use my Discover for purchases that will give me the 5% back. Then I use my Capital One for everything else).

  • Refer a friend for $$. Discover gives $50 for each friend that is approved. Contact me for a referral link for both Discover and Delta card!

*Disclaimer: I pay off all of my credit cards in full each month. This only benefits you if you do not carry a balance. Do not get a credit card if you cannot pay it off. With the high interest rates, even though you get the points, 2% cash back does not cancel out for 21% interest rate you will be paying.